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Four Reasons UK

Four Reasons is distributed in the UK by Craig Hubert, who is on a mission to make a positive impact on as many hairdressers as possible. As a hairdresser and salon owner for over 30 years, Craig understand the challenges hairdressers face every day both in their creative work and business.

“I hope the topics and tools I share here are helpful”

– Craig Hubert

Tips for your health

This amazing video by expert osteopath Chris Branch, shares useful excersises to help your posuture and overall health after hours, days, weeks and years of hairdressing.

Exercises For Hairdressers

A video by Chris Branch

Exercises For Hairdressers

A video by Chris Branch

Hourly Profit Calculator

We've made this handly calculator to help understand your gross hourly earnings. Use this as a way to understand your pricing in more detail. Hope this helps!

Profit Calculator