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Join us in rebellion

When was the last time you stopped for a moment to think about what is beautiful to you?

Today, every hair and beauty brand tells you that you are enough and you are beautiful. The slogans do their best but are drowned out by picture-perfect models and other hype. Instead of wanting to do their hair in the pursuit of beauty, people want to do their hair to look like themselves. For this, we offer the best tools while trying to fix the biggest problem in the industry.

We stand with equality. Stand up and join us in rebellion.

You are G-R-E-A-T just the way you are!

Always stay as you are. Draw a face on your stomach, twist your panties into a hair band, do little victory dances. Show us what makes you You.

Our appearance is a very small part of us – what’s more important is what goes on in our head and how we treat others. We encourage people to direct their attention from the exterior towards the internal attributes and to see themselves as a whole – a great person who is worthy of love, respect, and acceptance just the way they are.

Hair has a huge impact on how we see ourselves. It expresses our own personality, roots and lifestyle, and often also different stages in life with their reasons for joy and sorrow. Hair can also create the mood: a good hair day is a good day.

Our goal is to help people see their unique and great features, get rid of their hair trouble, and boldly be themselves.

The important things we fight for

Values, schmalues. We read an article in which a director of sorts advised talking about corporate culture instead of values. But why make it complicated and beat around the bush when you can just get to the point? Our promise to you is: We love the real you. Our top priorities regarding that promise are:


Our goal is to break the mould of beauty that we have been forcefully squeezed into over time and help everyone feel great by being who they are.

Pinky swear:

A hair product or even a visit to the hair salon is not a necessity. We can make do without them.

Hair however is a part of our identity, it plays a part in our mood, it is a way to express yourself. It’s important for many of us that our hair reflects what we feel we are. That is why we don’t use just any old hair products. We want to do our part in promoting responsible production and sustainable consumption. Our long-term development work aims at creating products with a life cycle built on responsible choices that are based on sustainable development.

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