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Four Reasons | Matcha Bleach

SKU: A4499
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Product Description

Four Reasons Matcha Bleach is a versatile bleaching powder with a bleaching power of up to 9 levels. Matcha Bleach gets its unique green hue from green tea and cucumber oil, but the colour does not transfer to the hair. The bleach’s fermented hyaluronic acid and green tea extract maintain hair’s moisture balance and protect hair’s cuticle layer from the stress caused by bleaching.

Because Matcha Bleach contains chelating agents, it does not react negatively if there are metals and minerals in the hair. Thus, the mass’s consistency does not change during the bleaching, making your work more secure and accurate.

Its rich, creamy, and dust-free consistency allows for comfortable and precise highlighting work and free-hand bleaching. Due to even bleaching power, Matcha Bleach is also suitable for full head lightening. A more controlled bleaching process gives stylists a longer working time and more even results.

This product is fragrance-free, dust-free and vegan.

Our Bleaching products are designed to be used with the Four Reasons Oxid, available in 1.5%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%. 

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